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RAM Boards
FPGA processing board solutions by Helion with Lattice FPGAs deliver unique features, high performance, and excellent value for FPGA designs. 



These devices including Helion's IONOS- IP-Cores  unite the processing task of image pre and post-processing (Automatic Exposure, Automatic White Balance, Gamma Correction, etc.) and sensor control. For applications, e.g. Noise reduction, Image Scaling or Image Rotating a frame buffer is required. For these applications, please use  Vesta's Memory RAM Boards. 

RAM Boards

- Modular Memory Board
- SD RAM Deci Vesta Board
- Async Deci Vesta Board
- SD-RAM-512MB

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Vesta - Memory RAM Boards

Memory SD-RAM-512MB - Deci Vesta FPGA Board

Ordering Number 10007216

Memory Async - RAM-64 - Deci Vesta FPGA Board

Ordering Number 10007113

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