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Interface Boards

- INOVA APIX 1 Interface
- LVDS Interface
- GigE Vision Core for HDR-60 CDK
- Camera Link Solution
Interface Boards


Helion offers high speed Interfaces for the Vesta Development Kit. Here you will find for example an Inova-APIX Interface, which is often used in automotive applications or also the well known camera-link interface. 




All interface boards, like the Centi-Vesta series or the Deci-Vesta series is full compatible to all FPGA-Boards and image Sensor Boards. Helion recommends also for an efficient, successful camera development the usage of our Test-Boards, where you can easily measure all signals with your own measurement tool.

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Vesta - Interface Boards

Inova APIX 1 - Interface - RX - Centi Vesta Board

Ordering Number 10008732

Inova APIX 1 - Interface - TX - Centi Vesta Board

Ordering Number 10008629

Camera Link-Interface - Deci Vesta Board

Ordering Number 10008732

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