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- Free of charge Evaluation
- Flexibel Customer Model
- Easy Licensing Model
- Reference Design (HW/SW)


Helion grants to Licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable right to use the IP Core in Object Code form for the sole purpose of evaluating the IP Core for possible use in IP Devices.





Licensee may use the IP Core to create programming files for use with IP Devices and may otherwise evaluate the IP Core and its functionality as part of Licensee products, but Licensee may not use the Intellectual Property Core for designing, manufacturing, or otherwise producing completed products intended for shipment to customers.


Procedure of SDK Evaluation


(SDK = Test Drive) and Sample Source Code



Step 1

Signing free of charge Evaluation License 

Customer has to sign free of charge IONOS Evaluation License to get access to the IP-Suite

- Upload the Helion DBS (Demobitstream) on the HDR-60 CDK Kit

- Download the Helion GUI (ICG) to setup AE, AWB, colors, contrast, gamma, etc




Step 2

In-depth evaluation (free of charge)

- The signed Evaluation License grants access to SW reference designs

- Customer can start first tests and developments (based on HDR-60)




Step 3

Project Support (recommend)

Helion offers several Packages, to built up knowledge in parallel on customer's site


- Support packages 01: Project Workshops

- Support packages 02: Image Sensor- , Signal Processing- or FPGA-Training

- Support packages 03: Consulting and Development




Step 4

Production License 

Helion offers various Licenses.
Please ask for a tailor made License for your product.



Helion offers for the listed image sensors, complete reference Designs. These designs are completely free of charge and for trial.



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