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Adapter Boards


The adapter Boards support all sizes of the VESTA-Series and work also with original Aptina Evaluation Headboards. All Boards can be interchanged (e.g. Nano Vesta- to Deci Vesta Boards) to achieve maximum flexibility for your camera prototype. 



Helion also offers Vesta-Test-Board Adapters to control and measure all processed signals between each single board.

Adapter Boards

- Modular Adapter Board
- Extending the flexibility of Vesta
- Signal measurement Board
- Combine all Vesta sizes

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Vesta - Adapter & Test Boards

Deci <=> Nano Vesta - Adapterboard

Ordering Number 10008011

Deci Vesta Testboard

Ordering Number 10008526

Deci Vesta <=>Aptina Eval.Boards - Adapterboard

Ordering Number 10007937

Nano-Vesta - FPC Adapter

Ordering Number 10017423

Nano-Vesta - Gender Changer

Ordering Number 10008114

Nano-Vesta Testboard

Ordering Number 10006318

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