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The Camera Development Platform


The Vesta camera development platform is a modular technology platform that combines image sensor headboards, video processing FPGA Boards and several interface Boards to make a customized camera development as much as flexibel to your needs.





Starting with project-support to Helion‘s VESTA Technology Platform, over development tools to algorithms and ready-to-use IONOS Imaging Pipelines, Helion gives you all the flexibility and scalability of image processing components you´ll need in a camera development process.


Our intention is to fulfill best performance, best image quality and best customer satisfaction in every project.

- Modular Camera Development System
- Ready for IONOS ISP Intergration
- Image Sensor Headboards
- FPGA & Interface Boards
Compose your own Evaluation System

Choose your Image Sensor, you want to use in your target application. Place the Imager Board on the FPGA-Processing Board and connect this to the Interface Board. Stick the Boards toghether for your application. All Boards are Hardware compatible and can also be used with the Lattice HDR-60 Camera Development Kit.



The advantage of VESTA

- Reducing Development Time  (all Boards are tested, no Hardware Debbuging required)

- Reducing  Development Costs (use existing and tested Components)

- Highly modular and flexible

- Providing Customized Board developments 

Choose your Components
Module Sizes


The modular Vesta camera development platform can be combined directly to your needs. You can choose, which of the Image Sensor Boards fit to the needed FPGA Processing Boards for your application. Using the Deci-Vesta Adapter, you can connect all boards to all sizes and combine your specific Development system.

Nano Vesta Board

Dimensions: 25x28mm

- Image Sensor Boards: Aptina MT9M125, MT9V024, MT9V034, MT9T001, MT9P001

- FPGA Processing Boards: Lattice XO, XP2

- Adapter Boards: FPC Adapter, Testboard, Nano<=>Deci Vesta Adapter


Nano Vesta Board for Lattice HDR-60

Dimensions: 42x42mm


 APTINA: MT9M024 - 720p / HDR

 ONSEMI: Vita1300 - 720p / Global-Shutter 


 PANASONIC: MN34041 - 1080p

 SONY: IMX136 - 1080p / HDR  *

 SONY: IMX236 - 1080p / HDR *

 SONY: IMX104 - 720p *

 SONY: IMX138 - 720p *

 SONY: IMX238 - 720p *


Centi Vesta Board

Dimensions: 36x34mm


- Interface Boards: INOVA APIX 1- RX,TX

Deci Vesta Board

Dimensions: 50x50mm


- FPGA Processing Boards: Lattice ECP2, ECP2M

- RAM Boards: Async, SD RAM

- Adapter Boards: Measurement Board, original Aptina Headboard to Lattice HDR-60 CDK, Deci <=> Nano Adapter 



The main advantage of Vesta is the modularity and flexibility. All boards can be combined to your needs. You can build your specific Evaluation System and implement our IONOS ISP-Cores into this design. So it is easy to start a rapid development of your design and can be focused in parallel on the application itself.  

Example Configuration of Camera & Display Testdesign


Example Configuration with Display and 2 Image Sensors Testdesign


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