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Helion offers new ready to use Imaging Pipes with a set of basic image processing IP-Cores. You can find below to the following image sensors and revisions complete imaging pipelines to achieve a simple integration in your target application.








Containing more than 150 individual pieces of IP Cores, the library is available for licensing either entirely or in parts. The IONOS-ISP, which is already integrated in the Lattice HDR-60 Camera Development Kit, is a plug-and-play demo pipeline and can be configured via Helion‘s ICG-GUI Software to set up the ISP parameters. 


- Compatible for various Imagers
- Image Enhancement Pipes
- Ready to use Imaging Pipelines
- Reference Designs (HW/SW)







Please click on the IP-Core selection in the Demo-Pipeline, to learn more about the IP-Core functionally.

Example of High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) Pipe

Extremely wide 120dB HDR IP ensures that no detail in dark areas is lost even if an intruder points a flashlight directly towards the camera lens, the HDR, working in close conjunction with fast-auto-exposure, rapidly adjusts exposure with changing the light conditions to offer a system dynamic range of a enormous 192dB.

Conventional Image Processing
HDRI Image Processing

The images above, demonstrate an example HDRI-Colorpipeline, which is already integrated as standard in the Lattice HDR-60 camera development kit in a powerful Lattice ECP3 FPGA unit. Extremely wide 120dB-HDR-IP ensures that no detail in dark areas is lost even when an intruder shines a flashlight directly into the camera lens, while HDR, working in close conjunction with a fast-auto-exposure rapidly adjusts

exposure in changing light conditions to offer a system dynamic range of 170dB.

Advanced Dynamic Range with IONOS-WDR Pipeline


The Fairchild Imaging HWK1910A is a high definition format, ultra-low-noise CMOS image sensor intended for surveillance and intelligent transportation applicaitons requiring high quality imaging under extremely low light and wide dynamic range conditions. 


The device features an array of 5 transistor (5T) pixels on a 5.0m pitch with an active imaging area of 1920(H) x 1080(V) pixels.  The sensor runs in Rolling Shutter readout mode.  In addition, it also has circuitry that enables high dynamic range data collection in a single image.  The sensor supports user-programmable row start/stop control for region of interest (ROI) readout mode. 






















The HWK1910A delivers extreme low-light sensitivity with a read noise of 1 electron RMS and low dark current.  These features, combined with 2.1 megapixel resolution, 60 fps imaging rates and the ability for auto calibration makes the HWK1910A easy to integrate in a variety of systems and ideally suited for a variety of high throughout, low light-level imaging applications.


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Evaluation IP licensing:
By signing the evaluation IP licensing agreement, customers will have access to Helion’s complete IP suite at no cost. The IP suite includes documentation, time-limited IP cores and ISP pipeline example projects.
Production IP licensing:
Helion offers various Licenses. Please ask for a tailor made License for your product.
To achieve the Evaluation License, please click the Evaluation License Button to download the Document, sign it and send it back to:
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