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Embedded Vision Development Kit

Modular Video Interface Platform (VIP) for embedded vision – Ultimate software and hardware prototyping environment for embedded system designers.

Flexible interface connectivity - Ability to mix and match input and output boards to interface with a variety of image sensors and displays.

Energy efficient image pre-processing and acceleration – Perfectly suited for Industry 4.0 machine vision, surround view cameras in smart automotive application, drones, smart city, retail applications, medical applications and augmented reality.

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HDR-60 Evaluation Kit

The "classic" Development Kit, available since 2011, based on the Lattice ECP3-70 FPGA with a huge amount of different image sensors and a convenient HDMI interface.

The hardware is designed to support full 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second in streaming mode through the FPGA, without the need for any external frame buffer.

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Fairchild Camera Development Kit

The Fairchild Camera Development Kit is available with the Image sensor HWK1910A of Fairchild Imaging (BAE Systems). It is a high definition format, ultra-low-noise CMOS image sensor intended for surveillance and intelligent transportation applicaitons requiring high quality imaging under extremely low light and wide dynamic range conditions.

The Development Kit is extremely powerful, while it can be extended with more than one FPGA Board (with Lattice ECP3-150) if necessary.

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ICG - IONOS Configuration GUI

The Development Kits support the ICG GUI developed by Helion, making it even easier for users to evaluate and configure the IP. 

Designers can change the target brightness, speed and algorithm of auto-exposure, choose between manual and automatic auto white balance with red-blue ratio control, change gamma and CCM values on the fly and adjust the position and transparency of overlays.

The Ionos Configuration Gui (ICG) can be used on Windows and Linux platforms, with support of different sensors.



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- IONOS IP Core Evaluation
- Reference Designs available
- Image Sensor Evaluation and Camera Development Platforms
- FPGA based Image Processing


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